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Now more than ever, businesses need modern devices equipped with remote management, enhanced security features and productivity tools to keep teams productive and secure. Dell Windows 10 Pro devices are built to empower your workforce to continue doing great things remote or onsite.

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Buying Dell Windows 10 Pro devices will not only boost your productivity, but it will also give you the opportunity to retire your old PCs for free and even earn money through our Recycling Services.

As part of your Windows 10 Professional PC renewal, Dell offers to:
- Collect your old PCs for free
- Cashback for your old PCs, regardless of the manufacture
- Recycle all old-time PCs with no extra charges or fees

*Non-working and damaged devices (e-waste) are excluded from this offering. Cashback values are determined by the local used IT Market prices.

It’s quick, easy and convenient.

Gather your PCs: we collect and pack your PCs on site.
Make the choice: Select to receive a refund or even donate your PCs to a non-profit Institution of your choice

Pay nothing: The costs of data collection and
deletion, plus recycling, are free*.

* See general terms and conditions of the program

Take advantage and reap the rewards

Reduce your TCO by renewing

  • The latest generation PCs are 65% faster than those 5 years old.1
  • A PC over four years old costs 200% more in operation and maintenance costs.2
  • The latest generation PCs reduce the risk of a security breach by 40%.3
  • 99% of Windows 7 applications are compatible with Windows 10.4

Give back to the environment

  • The new Dell PCs have lower power consumption than older generation PCs.
  • Your company is in compliance with its IT waste recycling obligations (D3E).
  • Your PCs that still have value will be re-used.
  • Electronic waste is cleaned up and recycled in an eco-responsible way.
  • The reconditioning of the equipment is carried out exclusively in Europe.*
  1. Based on measurements obtained with SEG562 (an office productivity and multitasking workload) in Microsoft Word* (save as PDF), Excel* (recalculate), PowerPoint* (sort slides) and NXPowerLite Desktop* (reduce the content of Office documents, such as compression) with video playback in the background (simulating the viewing of a professional training session or webcast).
  2. Small Business PC Study, TechAisle, 2016.
  3. The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Microsoft Modern Desktop; Forrester Study commissioned by Microsoft,July 2018.
  4. Hardware and software requirements; availability of functionality may vary. Internet connection required. For compatibility information and other important installation details, visit the website of your device manufacturer and

Brought to you by Dell Technologies & Microsoft

Dell Technologies, in partnership with Microsoft, offers you a simple and reliable program that benefits your company, the planet and supports professional integration as part of your workstation renewals.

The program is reserved for companies that have purchased at least 25 Dell Client Solutions products (desktops and notebooks) in the last three months and have at least 25 old PCs to be refreshed


Following your purchase of new Dell PCs equipped with Windows 10 Professional, send us your recycling request on this site.

We will contact you to arrange for the equipment to be collected by us, which we will come and pack at the address you provide.

We ensure the audit, data erasure and recycling.

For PCs that still have a market value, you can receive a refund or choose to donate it all in a charitable action.

Refresh now!

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